Friday, 29 July 2011


 The key point is to express your emotions and feelings about what has happened, swearing  and name calling is a more obscure way of doing it but I guess people still get the drift. The odd bit of swearing for humour or when really angry probably doesn't do any harm. Maybe sometimes you don't want to be too sugary sweet.

The aim is to expand your vocabulary, and not become obsessed about swearwords. In some ways swear words  don't matter. However if you want to move in a direction then I wonder if you need to rate some forms of expression as better and others as worse.

Swearing isn't a big deal, it depends on whose company you are in. If you have a boss who disapproves of swearing then it is handy to be good at not swearing. If your workmates swear like troopers then i guess it is handy to be able to talk the talk.

   I think  a helpful focus is to comment on the specific action / idea in terms of your emotions.
                                            Be subjective, aim for accuracy, correctness, truth
                                  Describe what physically happened and your opinion about it

                         OH NO                                                            OH YES
   I didn't want that to happen, I wish it hadn't        I wanted that to happen, I wish it would
      I'm displeased that it happened                       I'm pleased that it happened
  I strongly disapprove of that                               I strongly approve of that
 I think you should not / must not do that            I think you should do that/ must do that
 I have negative emotions /feelings about that      I have positive emotions / feelings about
I'm  displeased, angry, annoyed, irritated,          I'm pleased, happy, delighted,
 furious, exasperated, infuriated, astonished       thrilled, amused, ecstatic about it,
dismayed, distressed, puzzled, perplexed                      amazed, impressed
terrified, depressed, disallusioned, fuming                    (in awe of, marvel at )
raging, seeing red, out of my dial about that

 I love / like this... about that...                                            I hate / loathe this... about that..

   Oh no, its broken/ burnt / lost / ruined, how annoying,  I didn't want that to happen
   Oh yes, its fixed, found, repaired, I'm delighted, I'm relieved about that.

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