Saturday, 13 August 2011

More interesting phrases

I find that idea abhorent
I find that idea repugnant
I can't understand how you aren't horrified at the waste that is going on.
I can't understand how he can be content to sit with the car engine idling for minutes. It really irritates me to think of the needless pollution of the air and waste of money, plus it doesn't seem to do any good. Is it a habit? Do you get something from hearing the purr of the engine? I've pointed out the reasons why you should switch off and that it bugs me that you don't, I'm not going to nag you about it. I just find your attitude exasperating.

Why does he used 5 paper towels when one would do? That irritates me. Do you not think about what you are doing? Do you not ask if it is necessary? Reduce, reuse, recycle?

Why do people do things that I would never dream of doing? Why has that person just dropped an empty can and paper bags out of their car onto the road? They want to keep their car tidy. Do they think they are providing employment for the street cleaners? Why don't they put the rubbish in the bin? I feel like going over to them and telling them that they should put it in the bin. People should make an effort and not be lazy. Somebody need to tell them that that behaviour is unacceptable.

What would you say to the people who took part in the rioting? I would say that they should have been trying to look after their C.V.  They should have been trying to preserve their good reputation. They should try to comply with the U.K 2011 law and to live with it. They should try to be caring and not hurt anyone. They should be considerate, think about how their actions affect other. They should think of the Golden rule and treat others as they want to be treated by others. They should try to be caring, try to take care of the world, try to be loving, try to avoid wastage and unnecessary breakage. How do you feel about seeing this destruction. Are you not appalled by the waste? Do you not feel sorry for those who have lost their homes and businesses? Do you not feel for the suffering of others, Do you not feel like trying to prevent this and disuade people from doing this? 
   Instead of doing this you should go and do something constructive instead, anything that is not destructive, anything that is within the law, read books, write, listen to music, watch film, play sport, make love, 

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