Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Emotional literacy, expressing feelings

 This isn't a new idea, it just  highlights an idea that I find helpful to focus on.
The core principle is to put a name to the emotions you have experienced.
How do you feel about what happened?
Take the feeling excitement for example, some of  the various phrases that it can be used in are : "I found it exciting", " I was excited to hear that I would be going on the trip ", " I'm excited to be going ", " How exciting ! " , "That's exciting", "It  excites me", "This is so exciting", " Exciting! ", "I feel excited about it"

I think it is a slight advantage to be specific and comment on the individual action / idea in terms of your emotions / feelings. e.g

   I'm unhappy that you did that
   It upset me that you said that
   I was annoyed that he did that
   I was furious that he broke my ipod
   I was dismayed when he forgot to bring the presentation to the meeting
   I was relieved when I managed to give a reasonable talk even without my notes
   I hate what you did, it was cruel, you must never do that again, you should be caring
   He has sometimes said nasty things to me
    You don't seem to be fully concentrating on the job, what is the matter that is distracting you?
   What are you worrying about  ?

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