Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Are you the slave or the master of what you say ?

Are you the master or the slave of swear words ? Can you switch to the alternatives at will ?
 Do you use all the notes on the piano or are you limited to five ?
Is your speech garden over run with weeds like couch with only a few cultivated plants ?
Has your speech garden got a wide variety of plants and some weeds but nothing to worry about ?
 Sometimes name calling, abuse of metaphor, swearing could get you into trouble, maybe its main role is in jest, as banter with people who you think are like minded about it.
   Sometimes swearing could displace a much more important phrase, like "Watch out", "Careful", "Stop", " Help", "Slow down" , " Duck", "Don't"
  However you could get so distracted by trying not to swear that you aren't concentrating on the main tasks for your job. It might be better to not think much about it

  Sometimes swear words displace adverbs like 'very, extremely, really, absolutely, totally, impressively'
  e.g That was f'ing terrible  ---- That was really terrible
         Shut the f up ------------- Shut your mouth up---Please don't say that, it bugs me
                                                   Zip it-----------------Quiet please
                                                                                     If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing
                                                  Knowing when to say nothing is an important part of speaking
                                                  Saying, 'I don't know' is a valuable thing to say when you don't know
  What the f are you doing-------I'm puzzled by what you are doing,
                                                 I'm annoyed by what you are doing, I'm perplexed, I don't like the look of it
                                                 I'm astonished, preturbed, upset by what you are doing
Who the f did that ?-----------Who dares to incite my wrath, who is it that does not fear my fury
                                               [Ok rather melodramatic], gonnae gee it a break, quit it

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